Was It All Just A Dream, All Sparkly And Gold & Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshake

Hi Guys,

Do you ever do a manicure and it just makes you want to go to the beach? Well, this one was it for me… this beachy blue and gold with some seahorses just makes me want to go the beach and relax… eventually right? So the lovely blue is Was It All Just A Dream (Grease) this applied so perfectly. It’s a great baby blue cream color – no shimmer I used 3 coats but probably could have gone with only 2. Next up is All Sparkly And Gold (Mariah Carey Christmas) this color has been used to death… I don’t think I need to go through it all again search the blog.. there are so many with it. Lastly, Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshake (Grease); so this is a white but its more of a muted white than a bright white. For the strips and the seahorse, I used some nail vinyl from whatsupnails, it worked so great and perfectly easy!

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