The Base (and Top) Coats…o

This post is to keep up on all the darn base coats that keep getting released… So here we go!

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Original Base and Top Coat, Matte Top Coat

These are the orginal base & top coat. The all apply fine with no issues, this top coat isn’t as shiny as the Prohealth but still shiny. Ive noticed with the top coat if you give it a couple seconds to “cool” after curing the shine tends to be better. The Matte top coat isnt a true matte it’s more of a satin – still very pretty though!

(Sorry I don’t have any of the original base coat bottles anymore)

Strength Base & Ridge Filler Base **DISCONTINUED**

So I’ve been using the base coat Strength for awhile now an I have to say they REALLY are awesome!! They do give your nail strength while the polish is on and afterwards… Prior to this my nails would break if I didn’t have the gel polish on… but now they are good… and survive a few days without polish… Its crazy. The Strength is thicker than the original base coat. The Ridge Filler is milky and stays kinda milky. Seriously… If you can buy these DO IT! They will be permanent in the Gelcolor Collection.


Pro Health Base & Top Coat

I used these a few times, I did not have luck with these… and the people i tried them on also had the same issue… Lifting within a few days. What I can say is this top coat is EXTRA shiny!! It works well using the top coat and the Strength base coat.

**UPDATE**: So I’ve been using these on myself and a few friends and I started curing the base and top coat for 45 seconds and doing two coats of each and we’ve been getting 2-3 weeks of wear now!


Chrome Effect – No Wipe Top Coat


12 thoughts on “The Base (and Top) Coats…o

  1. I’m having the same issue with lifting. Do you think it’s the base coat or both base and too that are to blame? I love how easy it soaks off but lifting after a few days is so annoying. Any advice?


  2. Thank you for the tip on two coats of base and top coat. I’ll have to try that as I’ve also been having problems with lifting.


  3. Hello !
    Very sorry for my English but I’m french… when you try each nail polish, you write 3 coats. Are they 3 coats of colours ( as 1 base, 3 of colour and 1 top) or 1 base, 1 colour and 1 top ? Thanks so much for your blog !


  4. Hi Des Tineè,
    Are you still using the Pro Health base and top or have you found something else? I am on the very last dregs of my last bottle of strengthen and wondering if I should change brands! I know, don’t hate me, but I’ve read some poor reviews of the pro health, and on me the original doesn’t support my weak nails well so they break and lasts only about a week.
    Thank you


    1. Hey there!! So I actually still use the top coat but I switched to The Gel Bottle Rubber Base Coat. Works really well with OPI colors. I hope that helps!


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