New Collections Available! 


The new base coats are available!!

Click here to purchase.
Also the Artistic Design collection is available!!!

Here are the colors: 

Cantaloupe on a First Date!

A Fuschia Too Many

 Totally Red up with You

Berry the Hatchet

Are We in Agreenment?

Blue-per Reel

The Time is white

A Sunny Disposition

I Red it Online

This Grey is Totally Coal!

It’s a Steel!

Bronze has More Fun

Bottle of Bubbly

Cinna Money Talks

Grape Minds Think Alike

I’m Tealing on You

In a Gold Rush

Indigo & Outwego

Opalescent Dreams

Paid a Pretty Penny

Rate V for Violet

Tarry Tarry Night

Ya Got Me Copper!

You Gotta Gold On Me!

So these colors are in a pot, soak off cure the same and are ONE coat coverage!!! Can be used for nail art or full nail coverage!!! These look awesome, can’t wait to get them!

They also released some more affordable brushes.

More information with videos here and here.

Click here to purchase! 

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