Holiday 2022: Jewel Be Bold































 Released: September 2022 – Holiday 2022Jewel Be Bold has a total of fifteen limited edition colors, three of which are glitter. I only did the swatches with two coats on each some of these are very very sheer. The formulas for all of these were really great – the glitters are typical glitters and hard to get the glitter on the nails but pretty once on. Swatches: Go Big or Go Chrome 
It is a distinguished metallic silver color associated with wealth, sophistication, and glamour. This is such an amazing silver it does remind me of previous ones, like my signature is DC and such…. although id say if you have one of the older ones… ditch it and get this one the formula is soooo good. 












Decked to the Pines
It is a green metallic shimmer color, universally associated with nature, growth, and renewal. This is a beautiful woody green with silver and gold flecks and shimmer.

Feelin’ Berry Glam
It is a charming berry pink color, which brings entertainment to life, and makes your nails look vital after applying this wonderful color. This color reminds me of so many previous ones just like this… In the photo with the four fingers, look at the index finger that is the closest to the correct color. I’m not sure why the others are so dark. 

Charmed I’m Sure
It is a magenta shimmer, a mixture of red and blue, which stands for universal harmony and it is known as the color of balance. This one totally reminded me of Samuri! It is pretty and this was with two coats I think it would be opaque with two… three for sure.

Bring out the Big Gems
It is a garnet shimmer. This hue gains its name from the gemstone, which shares a root word with pomegranate, a fruit with distinctly red, garnet-like seeds. To me, this is more brown that a true garnet in the light I could see the garnet. 

Merry & Ice
This color is a light pink shimmer. It is a fabulous romantic color associated with warmth and sweetness. Such a color shows a feminine, attractive impact when applied to nails. This is my favorite color I cannot wait to wear this. I think this could be warn year round. 

Pink, Bling and Be Merry
This color is a pearlescent, hot pink hue packed with energy and youth. It is provocative and bold that doesn’t go unnoticed. Bright, sparkle-filled pink.

The Pearl of Your Dreams
A baby blue pearl shimmer hue with a nautical undertone. This hue is a perfect sapphire blue paint for soft and elegant nails. This one is soooooo sheer… like I would suggest a blue under it if you want opaque for sure. Possibly could be a topper but it might be too pigmented to be one on any other color than blue. 

Tealing Festive
A teal shimmer color with a medium-dark hue of blue and a pearl finish, an excellent paint nail tint that brings a glamour finish to nails. Man I love a good teal… and I love this color… Again can totally be worn anytime!

Snow Holding Back
This soft white shade with a glossy finish brings the nails to life with vitality. Super pretty white with gold shimmer I cannot tell if this is opaque or not – if it’s not for you, I think one coat of white would be great to put under this.  

Sleigh Bells Bling
A gold shimmer hue adds a playful glimmer-shimmer to your nail.A true gold finally… not a yellow gold. this one is nice – can be streaky but really pretty on. Like liquid gold.

Rhinestones Red-y
A pearlescent red hue gives a shimmer of shine and a soft metallic-like look to nails. To me, this is a like candy apple read vs. a true Christmas red. It’s so pretty and sparkly, though. 

OPI’m a Gem
A black color with glitter gives the nails a trendy and fabulous look. This needs two or three coats it has silver glitter with blue and silver shimmer. 

Pop the Baubles
A gold color with glitter adds a fabulous look to nails. This is in a clear base… there will be no way to make this full coverage unless you use a sponge or something to put it on…

I Pink it’s Snowing
A larger glitter with pink adds playful and cheerful to the nails. this is super cute! Its like Hello Kitty Christmas! haha this one is opaque in two coats but I recommend three. 




Comparisons: If you see something, you want compared – comment! Ill update it when I can! 




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