Mexico (Spring 2020)

Mexico Spring 2020 Collection

Release: December 2019

Well, I was on the fence about this collection annnd now I see for good reason. I’m not thrilled with any of these there are a lot of duplicates to old polishes. If you have the old ones don’t need to purchase the new ones, but if you are newer to OPI Gelcolor then you may really enjoy this collection. The application was fine for all of them. I only use 2 coats on every swatch, the first coats are streaky – some could have benefited from 3 coats too.

Don’t Tell A Sol
Another bright yellow, it’s a cream color and similar to the other yellows they have.

Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal
This is a pretty cream coral orange color nothing special here

Hue Is The Artist
This is a color I actually like, it’s not white it’s like a light lilac white; I tried it against white and then it looked purple.

Mariachi Makes My Day
This is such a dark purple! It looks a little lighter in person it’s a highly pigmented purple.

Mexico City Move-Mint
I like this one also it’s more blue than mint IMO but it’s still a nice color.

Mi Casa Es Blue Casa
This reminds me of My Pal Joey from the original Hello Kitty collection, it’s a fine bright blue cream

Mural Mural On The Wall
This one was the one I was so excited for…. and then I found out its more sheer jelly than anything and I’m not thrilled. It’s orange with gold glitter flakes and shimmer. This is two coats I’m not sure if more coats would build it up a little but I don’t think it’ll ever be opaque

Telenovela Me About It
So this one reminds me so much of the original pink neon they came out with years ago! I like this one, it has a very faint shimmer. It is a more jelly consistency than anything else.

My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore

iViva Opi!

Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal
This one is a really pretty gold shimmer it’s nice not to get a yellow gold this time!

Verde Nice To Meet You
This reminds me of My Dogsled is a Hybrid – I enjoy that color so this one is fine also but again another color is sooo close!


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