Hello Kitty Winter/Holiday 2019

Hello Kitty Holiday 2019
Release: October 2019

These don’t scream holiday to me… anyways formula is pretty good. All are two coats except for the glitter – ring and pinky fingers I did three coats on those. There are a fair amount of ones that look the same too.

Hello Pretty
This purple is super pretty legit two coats! Its a creme with no shimmer. As you’ll see in the comparisons I totally thought a grape fit would be the same but nope this one is pretty unique!

Pile On The Sprinkles
This is a glitter topper – maybe with a sponge you MIGHT be able to get this more opaque but it would take ALOT of coats. This has a clear base with a purple/pink shimmer in it with purple and holo small glitter.

Let Love Sparkle
This is a very interesting color and formula – it’s an icy blue/white shimmer color. Within it has clear like ice chips? or something like that with makes the polish have texture. It’s just very interesting but I think it would be pretty to wear.

My Favorite Gal Pal
This is a dark navy creme polish it’s pretty and is more like a black-blue than a true navy.

Many Celebrations To Go!
This is a super pretty gold, sparkly. It’s almost like this has white gold and gold sparkles in a gold jelly base.

Isn’t She Iconic!
This is the silver metallic polish! It totally reminds me of a gunmetal sparkle! It’s pretty similar to all the other glitter slives they have come out within just about every other Holiday collection :/

Let’s Be Friends
Holy man, everyone loved this color when it was originally released. What I found interesting is that this one is way MORE white than the previous one which was a little darker! Even so, I still love this color

Glitter To My Heart
Another glitter topper! This one I think you could get almost opaque with four coats, clear base with white and silver glitter bits.

A Hush of Blush
This reminded me of one of the colors from hmm Fiji? Anyways it’s pretty but there are similar ones in OPI’s range.

Let’s Celebrate!
Another glitter topper – more like the first one. This has a pinkish clear base with a pink shimmer, pink and holo glitter throughout!

All About The Bows
OPI never fails with the reds! This is a pretty stellar red with almost a pink under tone

A Kiss on The Chic
A pretty perfect Christmas Red – Can’t wait to wear this with that pretty gold glitter!

Limited Glitters:


omparison swatches:

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