My Gondola Or Yours?, Fire Escape Rendezvous, Suzi Chases Portu-Geese & Vetro 347 & 22

Hi Guys,

Almost Valentine’s Day! This year is going really fast… I saw a similar nail art on Pinterest and I tried it out – no its not perfect but it really cute. So the red is Fire Escape Rendezvous (Tiffany); this color is so cool! I love it and matte is even cooler! It’s a shimmering red with red flakes in it, very concentrated easily opaque in two coats. the white base is a favorite white of mine Suzi Chases Portu-Geese (Lisbon), awesome plain white (more manicure with it just search it). The pinky is My Gondola or Yours? (Venice) usually, this is a shimmery black but once it’s matte it’s so pretty; it does need three coats though. Finally, for the art I used Vetro 22 for the dashes and 347 for the heart. I had to use a pointed art tool to get the lines – which I know they aren’t perfect but it works!

Want to purchase? Click Here  

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