2019 Spring: Tokyo

Hi Guys,

Already looking towards Spring!!! Ok, so these colors are awesome!! Most only needed two coats!!!

Tokyo (Spring 2019)

Release date 1/1/19

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Another Ramen-tic Evening
So this one is a great light pink color with the slightest of a pink shimmer

Rice Rice Baby
Another pink but this is but is an almost grey-ish pink

All Your Dreams In Vending Machines
Ooo boy this one is electric! This is a bright pink with shimmer and like a purple undertone. I really love this color it’s almost as close to neon as you can get.

Arigato From Toyko
Another pink this one has even more grey undertones to it. It does have a slight shimmer (I think that might be from the grey?); it applied really nicely and needed only two coats.

Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-san
This is a blue teal, it’s like a light blue teal leaning more blue than green. No shimmer from what I could see, applied in two to three coats.

Tempura-Ture Is Rising!
This coral orange color is similar to so many other colors it applied so great, no shimmer, two to three coats needed also.

Hurry-Juku Get This Color!
This berry pink color with just a hint of shimmer, it is a really wonderful color. This has some pink shimmer, does need two to three coats.

Chopstix and Stones
This blue is so rich it’s crazy!! Deep sea blue with shimmer and sparkly…Needs 3 coats to get that deep color.

Samurai Breaks a Nail
This purple is so pretty! Bright, shimmery with purple and pink it’s really beautiful it does need at least three coats.

Kanpai OPI!
This is a lilac-y grey color – I was really hoping it would have been a true grey but it’s not it’s still a really pretty color. No Shimmer, two coat color.

I’m On A Sushi Roll
This teal is so pretty and has a great green shimmer within the color.

How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?
This green is a like yellow-green but it’s actually really pretty on. No Shimmer though needed three coats for sure.



7 thoughts on “2019 Spring: Tokyo

  1. I love your swatches they are absolutely accurate and I wished you would’ve had time to describe each colour with references to past opi gelcolor polishes.


    1. I have the comparisons! Just haven’t posted them yet my dog had major surgery yesterday so I’ll be posting them soon! I promise! 🙂


  2. Already owns St Marks and Cosmo, fights the urge to add Chopstix to the collection I am a FOOL for these types of blues…. also thx for Dogsled/Sushi comparison, Need Kanpai OR Geysirs but not both, cannot make up mind…


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