Holiday 2018: Nutcracker Collection

Hi there!!!!

These Holiday colors are beautiful!!! Most of these were 1-2 coasters easy! Dancing Keeps Me On My Toes and March In Uniform def could use 3 coats though. Otherwise even the glitter are sooo good!!! The glitters I only used 1 coat to give you an idea of the coverage; the rest were 2 coats only!

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to complete the normal comparison photos but I’ll describe them the best I can.

Released: October 2018

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Dancing Keeps Me On My Toes
This is a blue silver with tint glitter in it. It reminded me of Kyoto Pearl but not as white and this shimmer is so pretty

Tinker, Thinker, Winker?
OMG this one beautiful like holy cow buy. all. the. polish. This is a holo glitter that is JAM PACKED with glitter – no it’s not like Champagne for Breakfast – this is a thick polish… like OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! This is ONLY 2 coats!!!! WHHHAHAAAAT!

Dreams Need Clara-Fication
This is beautiful creme applies perfectly in two coats. It’s like a bright periwinkle blue. I didn’t see any others that were very apparently similar.

Dazzling Dew Drop
Wowzer another beautiful glitter.. This gold is like LIQUID gold. It is a true gold, not bright yellow gold… It’s so pretty!

March In Uniform
So this one is like an indigo blue – not super dark like Road House Blues. I think its a perfect mixture of blue with some subtle purple undertones. This is also a cream and I only used two coats but think id prefer three on this the first coat is really streaky and thin, so be too concerned.

Envy The Adventure
Haha so if you don’t know I’m from Wisconsin this color reminded me of Green Bay Packers Green – a nice dark kelly green. Mix this with Dew Drop and man perfect Packer colors (ya know if anyone is looking for NFL nails haha). This is a creme and also two coats

Lavendare To Find Courage
What a pretty color – but I think more suited for Spring… Anywho… this is nice lilac cream color – again 2 coats. This isn’t as dark as Lucky Lucky Lavender I seriously think this will be super popular for Easter and Spring

Berry Fairy Fun
Ooooo here’s another pretty one… Since they discontinued Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs this might be able to take its place (we know it won’t REALLY take it’s place buut might help ease the pain). This is again two coats, with a purple base and this gold, blue, magenta glitter/shimmer throughout. It’s very pretty and so holiday-esque.

Toying With Trouble
Pink… Man oh man pink! This is a vibrant cream pink. Honestly, if you have something like Apartment for Two or something similar you could probably pass on this color – don’t get me wrong it’s really pretty but if you have a similar pass and save the money for the glitters.

Candied Kingdom
Well, this is a Candy Apple Red color – it applied wonderfully but there are so. many. reds… I don’t know about you guys but I kinda wish OPI would take a break with the reds… Let’s get some Cat Eye or something…

Ginger’s Revenge
Well, I was really hoping this would have been like a burnt orange or something… But it’s another red… another ox blood type color. If you have any of the other 10000000 similar colors skip this one.

Black to Reality
So this one is so pretty does need two coats the first one is pretty sheer. The base is black but then it has gold, brown like a burgundy (or something) shimmer – it’s just so pretty. An amazing fall color… I can’t wait to try it out.

Gold Key to The Kingdom
Well, this gold glitter is BAWLER! No fishing required here. This is one coat its got bits of gold, gold circles, white circles. These are such great glitters I’m so excited that they are making glitters that are packed full.

Dreams On A Silver Platter
This is another jam packed glitter with silver, white and even little holo bits… it was super hard to photograph too!

I Pull The Strings
Ok… so this is supposed to be a Rose Gold… I don’t buy it… looks more like a white gold or something. This has gold and silver rounds with tan rounds and little flecks of orange… It’s okay but not my favorite.

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