Fall/Winter 2018: Perú

Fall/Winter 2018 Collection: Peru

Release Date: 8/1/2018

These are some beauties!! They are all cremes no shimmer in any of them – all of them were perfect in two coats except the darker colors which needed 3 coats.  Formulas are wonderful. At the bottom of this page there are some comparisons to any colors that were similar. If it wasnt compared against a color it wasnt similar.

Don’t Toot My Flute

This is a light purple, darker than a lilac and not a pastel. 

Grandma Kissed A Gaucho
I love this bright grape purple

Seven Wonders Of OPI
Who knew what we were missing was a dusty rose

Alpaca My Bags
This is a grey blue color i think itll be wonderful for Fall!

Lima Tell You About This Color
Wow heres a bright pink to bring some fun to Fall

Suzi Will Quecha Later!
Here is another dusty rose love this

Machu Peach-U
A Peachy Nude color – perfect for neutral nails 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains 
This reminds me of the one above but just darker 

My Solar Clock Is Ticking
So this reminds me of a blood orange – it’s a dusty orange-red color 

I Love You Just Be-Cusco
Another great OPI Red

Como Se Llama?
A great dark ox blood red 

Yes My Condor Can-Do!


11 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 2018: Perú

  1. Hi Des, I don’t see a hand swatched with My Condor Can-Do. Can you tell me how it compares to Vampsterdam, and whether it would be a good replacement for it? My bottle is at zilch, and it’s been discontinued. Thanks!


    1. Hi there I did post a picture with condor and vampsterdam it’s 5th from the bottom of pictures. 🙂 condor doesn’t have any shimmer like vamp


      1. Yes, but there are no closeups of Condor, and it is very hard to tell how,they compare when they are separated by so many other darks. Is Condor similar enough to be a decent replacement for Vamp?


      2. Sorry I usually don’t do close ups. I think it would be a viable replacement – but won’t be identical.


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