Manicure Monday: Alpine Snow, Crawfishin’ For A Compliment & Give Me Space

Land Ho!

Natical manicure are such a favorite! For this I used Apline Snow (Beautifuls) then used a nail vinyl from WhatsUp Nails for the anchor. I used a makeup sponge and dabbed on Give Me Space (Starlight) a few times and it turned out perfect! I love the anchor vinyl! 🙂 I also used Give Me Space on the index finger – I used about 3-4 coats to get that rich blue with the holo sparkles (pictures just dont do it justice). Finally, I used Crawfishin’ For A Compliment (New Orleans), this is another color that is so pretty but gets passed over alot. It’s a orange coral creme I used 3 coats and then I used some straight nail vinyls for the stripes.

This turned out pretty darn cute if you ask me 🙂

Want to purchase? Click Here

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