Chrome Effects & No Wipe Top Coat

So OPI Finally jumped on the chrome bandwagon!! Here is the information from one of the websites they are for sale on:

4 reasons Chrome Effects is THE choice for chrome powders
• OPI is the industry’s most trusted brand with a reputation built on quality
• an industry first – Chrome Effects can be used over gel polish AND nail lacquer
• only brand with proven 2+ weeks wear for gel applications
• quick and easy add-on service to gel polish and nail lacquer services

I havent actually tried these yet – from what I hear they work pretty well but in all honesty I feel like OPI is about a year or two too late. I can get the same things much cheaper elsewhere.

I will for sure purchase the top coat and try that out!

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OPI Chrome Effects 

Simple application steps*
Step 1: apply 1 thin coat of GelColor ProHealth Base Coat to each nail & cure 30 seconds
Step 2: apply 2 thin coats GelColor (shade of choice) to each nail & cure 30 seconds (each coat)
Step 3: apply 1 coat Chrome Effects No-Cleanse Top Coat over entire nail cure 30 seconds. Do not wipe or cleanse
Step 4: apply Chrome Effects Mirror-Shine Powder (shade of choice) using sponge tipped applicator • Pick up small amount with applicator • From the cuticle area, rub into the nail and continue towards the free edge • Rub into the nail until the chrome effect appears
Step 5: apply 1 coat of Chrome Effects No-Cleanse Top Coat • Cure 30 seconds. Do not wipe or cleanse • Remove excess powder with an Expert Touch Nail Wipe


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