Love OPI, XOXO Holiday 2017


Release Date: October 2017

Alrighty… So Holiday (I can’t belive it’s so soon!). There are some pretty cool colors here, all of these I only used two coats and these are the NEW bottles (I’m alittle on the fence about them). I do have to say the application was beautiful and like BUTTA (hehe)! So smooth and easy, they almost seem to be slightly thicker than normal. I did do some comparisons of ones that seemed similar at the bottom. So enjoy and share the heck outta this.

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Swatch Sticks

Swatch Sticks:

Snow Glad I Met You

This soft white hue is slightly similar to Kyoto Pearl/ Girls Love Pearls – but it has shimmer and like a holo micro glitter??? It’s vvery hard to photograph but its really pretty. It can be alittle streaky, but that gets better with a top coat.

Ornament to Be Together

Whoa! I think I need sunglasses! This silver is BRIGHT! I thought it was similar to a few that were limited edition (see below), but this also have that micro holo glitter in it. In two coats look how good that coverage is! amazing… Can’t wait to wear this one.


I LOVE this one. It’s a charcoal metallic and it’s so beautiful. It’s a charcoal base with these blue-silver metallic flakes, it’s just so beautiful in person… it is a MUST have.

Holidazed Over You

So I’m mixed about this one…. they say its a Jet-Black buuuut it looks more blue black to me and looks really close to Road House Blues… I used 2 coats so maybe this one needs 3 to get that black… But I see a blue-black… i left the index finger this one coat so you can see the difference.

Feel The Chemis-Tree

Ooooo So this purple is preeetty. It reminds me of Suzi and 7 Dusseldorf (discontinued now), but it was different (see below). This shimmer purple hosts purple, gold, pink, orange and so many shimmering colors it is not a frost like I was expecting, this is a nice surprise and a welcome color to the group.

Wanna Wrap?

OPI calls this a Black-Burgandy, which is exactly how I was describing it. I left the index finger with 1 coat so the difference could be seen. It is a pretty color but ugh I feel like there are multiples of this one from previous collections, I know, I know they were limited edition colors but come on….

The Color That Keeps On Giving

A candy pearlescent pink, it’s a super sweet color. 😉 Corney I know… Anyways this one as you can see is a little streaky, gets better with top coat though. This pink I thought would be exactly the same as other pinks we have but it has those micro holo glitter shimmer things in this too (super hard to photograph!). This color has some dimension which is great also.

Sending You Holiday Hugs

WOOT! This fuchsia is so pretty, almost glows. Its so shimmery and pretty this this be popular for Christmas and the holidays (and I think after too).

Adam said “It’s New Year’s, Eve”

Sigh… I’m not a huge red lover so reds are hard for me… This apple red is very pretty and leans towards a candy apple red. (So many reds…)

My Wish List is You

Another red… More orange red vs. pink red. It’s a nice Christmas/holiday red.  (So many reds…)

Top The Package With a Beau

(Totally wrote this one wrong on my swatch stick)

OMG OMG this gray is amazing! It’s got gold, purple, gray… omg it’s just so pretty. This might be the first one I put on… I’m really happy with this one.


Gift Of Gold Never Gets Old

Shimmer, metallic white gold. It seems to be more pearlized, can be streaky as you see. It also has that micro holo glitter. Its not as gold as I would have hoped. It’s really pretty but more for an accent not as a full nail set.



Color That Keeps On Giving

My Wish List Is You

Top The Package With A Beau & Coalmates

Adam Says “It’s New Years, Eve”

Wanna Wrap?

Sending You Holiday Hugs & Feel The Chemis-Tree

Holidazed Over You

Snow Glad I Met You

Ornament To Be Together

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