Ahhhh The Bottles!!! Why are my bottles different?!?!? *Updated 5/11/17*

Hey there!

So I get ALOT of questions regarding the bottles…

There are three types of bottles out currently… I attached photos…

Starting from Left to Right….

The bottles on the left are the orginal bottles which have alot of the orginal colors…

The second bottles are the second revamping of the bottles starting with some of the Muppets Collection.

The third bottles came out starting with Venice Collection.

You guys can notice the difference in the bottles, but if you have question about the bottles… please post them and I will answer them the best I can 😀

Have a great day!!!

***UPDATE As of OCTOBER 2017 another Bottle was added more info to come later***

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New Bottles as of OCTOBER 2017


8 thoughts on “Ahhhh The Bottles!!! Why are my bottles different?!?!? *Updated 5/11/17*

  1. Can you confirm that all genuine OPI gelcolor bottles are entirely black glass please? I received what I now believe to be fake, everything looked good until I unscrewed the top to find a clear top to the bottle! On closer inspection against my other OPI gelcolors, the top plastic is smoother too. Thanks for any guidance you gave give.


    1. Was this one of the new bottles or older? The older ones with black top were textured the white tops are smooth. I’m pretty sure the bottles are dark bottles


  2. My gel color bottle looks like the 3rd one but I read somewhere that the stick of the brush should have the word opi on it. Mine doesn’t so now I’m worried it’s not real. Does yours have it?


    1. Hi there so I just checked my new bottles and the OPI is on the stick it’s pretty easy to miss and you need to wipe off basically all of the polish. It’s only on one side.


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