Manicure Monday:  Alpine Snow, OPI With A Nice Finn-ish and Just Lanai-Ing Around


So I’ll start out by saying this certainly isnt one of my favorites… It feels like it’s missing something… I just dont know what? Maybe like a Navy in the big white section… Ugh I dont know…


I used Alpine Snow (Beautifuls) for my base color 3 coats. I did use nail vinyls for my straight lines, the gold color is OPI With a Nice Finn-ish (Nordic) that was 2 coats of that it’s a really pretty shimmery color. The mauve color is a favorite and I feel like over looked by so many people; Just Lanai-Ing  Around (Hawaii) it’s this beautiful mauve color with shimmer in it… who doesnt love shimmer (I do!!)?? I’d say use at leave 2 coats if not 3 to get a good rich color.

Click here to purchase!

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