Guest Blog Post! OPI Artist Series

Hi everyone, I’m NonaPhilippa and I’m doing a guest blog for you today on the OPI Gelcolor Artist Series Design Gels. I’m a trained Nail Technician with over 3 years experience and am trained in OPI Manicure and OPI Gelcolor along with other nail services using other products.

For a while at the beginning of my career I used Nail Polish to hand paint my artwork onto nails, then I progressed to using acrylic paints as my artwork improved, then over the past year or so I started to use Gel Polish i.e. OPI Gelcolor. But the colour pay off with some were never very good, you always needed two or three coats and as soon as you placed the whole design on the nail it  would spread, it drove me nuts. And in the end I turned to stamping nail art.

However, as soon as I saw OPI were bringing out Gel Paints I was super excited because it meant for me that the colour pay off would be good and would be easy to use. So when they launched I decided to try the black and white (Tarry Tarry Night and The Time Is White) to get me going and to see how they worked and if I liked them.

So after a few months of using them I have found I love them. They’re so easy to use when hand painting and also make it a mess free area as they’re already in tubs.

So here’s some of my work using both gel paints.


For all of these pictures I used a very fine nail art brush, only used one layer of Gel and also applied to a non tacky layer. With the nails with glitter on I had topcoat the glitter once, and dry wiped the tacky layer off before using the gel paints, then for the plain nails I applied my two coats of colour and dry wiped the tacky layer off from them before painting. For all of the nails I then topcoated twice to ensure that the nail art was fully encased.

On review I think these are a great investment and I will certainly be looking into buying more colours but if you’re thinking of buying one or two to try out I strongly suggest the white and black as I think they’re standard colours which can be used in most circumstances.

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more of my nail designs find me @nonaphilippa here: Nonaphilippa Instagram

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And also find me on Youtube for tons of tutorials and reviews too here: Youtube Channel!

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