Manicure Monday: Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go?, It’s In The Cloud & All Gold And Sparkly

Happy Fall!!!

For Fall I have these super cute Owl water decals!! They are so cute!!! Anyways for colors I used Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go? (Brazil), It’s In The Cloud (Opaque Pastel) and All Gold and Sparkly (Mariah Carey Holiday).

So the gold glitter is 3 coats, It does take that to get it opaque but it’s soo pretty and no a yellow gold but a true gold.

It’s In the Cloud was also 3 coats but I love that it’s a muted white color. Sometimes thats so much better than the bright Alpine Snow white.

Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go? Well this one is such a pain… I used 2/3 coats… if you scroll down in the photos you’ll see it wrinkled! Ugh! This was a known issue with the Brazil Collection (I can only guess thats the reason they mostly are discontinued), anyways i was able to fix it by filling the ridges in with more color… It worked fine and i didnt want to soak it all off and start over.. Only had one issue and that was it. Usually it will only be one finger that will wrinkle…. It’s so random…

But anyways, lastly I used a water decal for the owl! The important thing to remember with water decals is that you MUST let it dry as much as you can prior to top coating it. Usually ill use a lint free wipe and push it down to try to get the water off of it. Then Double Top coat it!

Questions? Comments? Leave them here I’ll respond asap

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