Artist Series: Swatches and Review 

Okay… So I know everyone has been waiting to hear the review on these… Well… I’m not too thrilled… So tried these as the white on french tip… WAAAY too hard as not one coat coverage for that large of an area.. Also i know some of you had hear you can use it as a one coat nail coverage… You CANNOT. They also dont seem to self level.

These are great for art and thats it… So for me not super useful so i dont think ill be getting the other colors (Sorry)but lets move on to the photos…

Hopefully this will help you decide if these are something you really want.

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How the Jars Look All of these are sealed:

Inside the pot….

The Brush that came with the kit:

Colors that I Purchased:

Time is white, Cantloupe On The First Date!, I’m Totally Red Up With You, The Time Is White, Berry The Hatchet, Bottle Of Bubbly, A Fuchsia Too Many, Are We In Agreen-ment?, Tarry Tarry Night (the pink labels are mine)

Swatches: So I swatched it once on one side and twice on the other… Some there is a big different some not so much but now I understand why they are not meant for full nail…

7 thoughts on “Artist Series: Swatches and Review 

  1. I’m looking for opi gel polish color black, but there are like 10 options of black in opi website. Can you please suggest the blackest-of-them-all black. Thank you!!!


    1. I would say if you want a flat black “can’t have too mani friends” from hello kitty is perfect. If you want a shimmer you can go with “my gondola or yours?” From Venice collection or “black dress not optional” from breakfast at Tiffany collection. 🙂


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