Manciure Monday: It’s In The Cloud- undies, She’s A Bad Muffuletta, Can’t Afjord Not To!, & Just Can’t Copa-Cabana


So today I have an amazing sunset Ombre for you!! It turned out perfectly I used: It’s In The Cloud (Undies – Soft Shades 2016), I onyl used one coat just to have something other than my nail as the base coat. It does go on pretty streaky so if you plan to use that alone go with 3 coats! For my ombre starting from the pink I used She’s A Bad Muffuletta, Can’t Afjord Not To! and I Just Can’t Copa-cabana.

So in order to complete this prior to starting my manicure I covered my cuticle and surrounding skin in a latex skin barrier i did this up to the first knucle, once that was dry then i started my manicure. Once the white base was cured I cleansed off the tacky layer with my lint free wipe and alcohol. Then i ripped a makeup triangle in half so it was eaiser to handle.  Apply you colors in strips and I usually apply 2-3 swipes and let it soak into the sponge for a second. When you apply to spong to your nail DO NOT squish it onto your nail will will flood the sidewalls and youll have a massive mess!! Just dab the sponge on the nails this will also make it so it blends better too! I think I used 3 coats so after each dab of ombre cure it, then reapply color to sponge and dab again on nails and repeat until it has the color you want.

I know its alot of steps and putzy but this was the best way ive found to do it so far.

Have fun and post any questions you have!!

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