New Collection Information!!! (Spring 2016) Brights 2016: Alice Though the Looking Glass and Soft Shades 2016 Simply Opaque Pastels! 

Soft Shades 2016: 

Available: Approximately  4/1/16  

 Its A Boy

This Cost Me A Mint

I Am What I Amethyst 

One Chic Chick

Stop, I’m Blushing 

It’s In The Cloud

Alice Through The Looking Glass: 

Available: Approximately  4/1/16

Here’s all the info I have right now!!!  

 NL BA1 The I’s Have It    

NL BA2 Oh My Majesty!     

NL BA3 What’s the Hatter with You?    

NL BA4 I’m Gown for Anything!    

NL BA5 Fearlessly Alice     

NL BA6 A Mirror Escape   

NL BA7 Having a Big Head Day  

NL BA8 Mad for Madness Sake  


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