The Sophisticates

Released: Winter 2013

This is by far the WORST collection which i believe is why they discontinued it. The colors never mix well, they stay somewhat rubbery when cured, the have a horrible smell too….. Its sad these colors could be awesome. I did get decent  photos but with a lot of work to get these so hopefully they’ll help anyone who is looking for them.

Here are the colors in The Sophisticates Collection (DISCONTINUED):

I Think In Pink

3 Coats

Sheer Pink Jelly


Altar Ego

3 Coats

This is supposed to be iridescent to opal-like.


It’s A Girl

3 Coats

Another Jelly Sheer pink


Rosy Future

3 Coats

Pink Opal/iridescent


Coney Island Cotton Candy

3 Coats

Ugh… I’m not even sure what color this was supposed to be? Sheer nude? Sheer pink? Sorry no clue here


Otherwise Engaged

3 Coats

This is supposed to be iridescent pink but i don’t really see it…


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