The Pastels Collection

Released: Spring/Summer 2014

Yay! Pastels!…. These are not as pastel like as one would hope sadly… but still pretty!

Here are the colors in The Pastels Collection:

All have 3 coats, no application issues unless stated.

Can’t Find My Czechbook

This is a baby blue creme 

Do You Lilac It?

This is a lavender color which is lighter than the orginal Do you Lilac it? But it’s not as light as i think it should be for a pastel.  

Gargantuan Green Grape Discontinued

This one is also not as light as a pastel should be but this is still a great light green  

Need Sunglasses Discontinued

Ha this is not a pastel yellow…. Don’t get me wrong its not as bright as the orginal one but its still pretty bright 

Are We There Yet? Discontinued

This is a lighter orange-y pink creme 

Mod About You

This is another one that isn’t as light as I thought it would be… Pink Creme 

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