Extra Post! Whoa!!! The Gel Bottle Builder In A Bottle Review!!

Hi Guys!!

So I know this isn’t OPI related but it was something I had to try.. This is The Gel Bottle – Builder In A Bottle (BIAB) #18. So it’s a soak off builder gel that is in a bottle instead of a pot – way easier to apply. I tried this on myself prep is the same as every other but once completed you just wipe with acetone then apply the builder in a bottle. I put on 3 thinner coats curing 30 sec in my OPI Black LED Lamp. My nails feel hard as well nails!! I then did apply OPI color and a top coat. Wear is great like omg whoa!!
The one thing I’m not thrilled with is that I have to file off the Gelcolor then soak the BIAB off if I choose not to do an infill.

I tried this on a friend who was having massive issues with wear of OPI Gelcolor like would last 7 days IF she was lucky. We tried everything bonders, polygel, extra dehydrating, double basecoating, double top coating… I tried EVERYTHING I could find. Finally, I decided to try TGB BIAB… and it worked sooooo well!! It stuck like glue! She went 18 days (!!!!!!!) without even a chip or slightly lifting. She could have gone even longer! Now we are just trying to even everything out and get them all the same length haha… But she is thrilled with the results.

All in all I really like this builder in a bottle, super easy to use and very durable!

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2 thoughts on “Extra Post! Whoa!!! The Gel Bottle Builder In A Bottle Review!!

  1. Yea! This is exciting, thank you for this extra post!!
    I went to their website and they are currently out of stock of #18, now I need to patiently (or not so patiently 😁) wait for them to restock!

    1. A few of the other colors are great too! #17 I think and #20? They are more nude than pink. #18 is perfect for a French manicure too!!

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