Spring 2023: Me, Myself and OPI

Released: January 2023

This is the spring release… I have to say I was very excited about this collection, and I’ve been let down a little since these aren’t as amazing as I was expecting. They are way more meh and sheer than I expected. I will be selling the majority of them so please check out my eBay page soon for the listing.




























Left Your Texts On Red
This is a shimmer red-orange; This needed 3 coats, and it reminds me of previous colors…
























Silicon Valley Girl
This is a bright orange creme. It still needed three coats again; it looks similar to other oranges.












Spring Break the Internet
This is a really pretty sparkly pink, but it’s very sheer after 3 coats would still see a smile line. This one also looks super similar to an existing pink from recent collections

































I Meta My Soulmate
This is a pearly pink; it is a pretty color – it reminds me of one of the pinks from the pearl collection. Hmm, maybe I’m wrong… pearls aren’t really my jam, though.

























Clear Your Cash
I really like this granny smith apple green… I used 3 coats for this lush color. It applied great and is a creme too








I Sold My Crypto
This is a grape purple shimmer, I used three coats again, and this is still sheer for me. Can easily see that smile line. Also, again reminds me of similar past colors…
























NFTease Me
Such a pretty baby blue creme color. I opted again for three coats. It reminds me of past baby blues so if you missed out on those this may be a good replacement.









Data Peach
This is a pretty peach pearl shimmer. Like I said before… not my jam. I also needed three coats, and you can easily see brush strokes.






















Incognito Mode
A smokey grape purple creme color, I used three coats. This one, for sure is the same as some previous purples I feel like one from the New Orleans collection.









Blinded by the Ring Light
This is a bright yet pastel (is that a thing?) yellow. I used three coats and I really liked this one. I feel like there was a similar one from the grease collection but this one has a way better formula.












Switch to Portrait Mode
Another pearl shimmer one… i wont bore you with my opinion. This is a nude color, can easily see the brush strokes again…


























Pink In Bio
So this one is my favorite. It reminds me of what Bossa Nova was supposed to be. So let’s hope this doesn’t fade as Bossa did! It’s a grayish pink, I did use three coats on this also
















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