Manicure Monday! Alpine Snow, Gaining Mole-Mentum, Small + Cute = ❤️, & Never Have Too Mani Friends! 


Today we have a mixture of colors!! Alpine Snow (The Beautifuls Collection), Gaining Mole-Mentum (Muppets Most Wanted Collection), Small + Cute = ❤️ (Hello Kitty Collection), & Never Have Too Mani Friends (Hello Kitty Collection).

Alpine Snow is the classic white. Works great does take three coats though to get a good white coverage. Never Have Too Mani Friends is a PERFECT black this was ONE coat!!!! it has replaced my Black Onyx for sure!! I also used straight line nail vinyls for the straight lines (TwinkedT). Small + Cute is the baby pink it has a great application and was opaque in two coats, I did do three because I like doing 3 coats on my nails. Gaining Mole is a clear gel base with metallic shards of gold, rose and silver – multiple different sizes. Sometimes these can be difficult to apply to the nail though. Which stinks but stick with a few thin coats or use a nail art brush to apply the shards.

I promise I will do a nail Vinyls Video eventually just have been very busy lately.


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