The Thrill Seekers Collection

Some of the first colors that came out around 2011/2012

Sadly I do not have exact dates these came out. Here are the colors in The Thrill Seekers Collection:

Honk If You Love OPI

3 Coats, No Application issues.

This color is a beautiful deep purple creme color, almost a black-purple.  

Are We There Yet? Discontinued

3 Coats, No Application Issues.

This is a beautiful coral/orange color with shimmers! Its soo pretty, they did make this color in the Pastels (which i will do later in this blog), but they left out the shimmer! I wish they would have kept it. It is similar to I Eat Mainely Lobster but is a different shade of coral.


My Address Is “Hollywood”

3 Coats, No Application Issues

This is a pinky mauve color, with mauve/pink shimmer.


Color To Diner For Discontinued

3 Coats, No Application Issues

This is a burgandy polish with pink shimmer in it.


I Eat Mainly Lobster

3 Coats, No Application Issues.

This is one of my favorite colors!! Its a coral with shimmer!!!!! Who doesnt love a coral with shimmer??????


Road House Blues Discontinued

3 Coats, Some shrinkage with the first coat, none after that.

This is a creme dark navy color.

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